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 Welcome to the website of CNC SERWIS – provider of industrial automation and integrator of automation systems.

The core of CNC SERWIS activity is related to computer numerical control of CNC machines - the integration of automation and control systems. We make new control systems for machines, develop system software and carry out installations and start-ups. 

   We offer industrial CNC controls for special machines, multi-axis machining centres, numerical cutting machines, precise grinding machines, numerical borers, multi-spindle CNC drilling and milling machines for wood and metal as well as for standard numerical machines. All control systems are made with the use of the “PC-based Automation” technology with modern CNC system software and soft PLC.

   If you have any problems with used or damaged control in your machine, check our offer of control replacement, which will convert your machine into the most modern one in its class, easy to programme and simple in operation. Only we can replace an  existing control system with a modern one, based on a PC technology, with a modern user interface including: industrial touch screen panel, digital numerical drives, modular PLC controller and the most latest CNC system software in the standard equipment.

  We install CNC controls which employ modern solutions; we make professional control systems for special-purpose, complicated and multi-task CNC machines; also CNC machines which operate within process lines and individually. We are ready to modernize complicated machines of a high level of complexity as well as simple machines, such as standard machining centres. We guarantee the best equipment in its class. We apply only high quality industrial equipment that has been tested in machines in Poland and abroad.

 We will undertake even the most complicated task that others do not want or are not able to undertake.

 We have a 200 sq. m. facility, specialized 3D measuring laser appliances, advanced programming equipment and a team of experts who are not afraid of challenges.

  CNC SERWIS –the integrator of industrial automation and professional CNC control systems, from design to development and training of service personnel.  If you entrust us with modernizing your machine, you can be sure that we will carry the task reliably, professionally and honestly.

Our standard offer includes:

1. Installation of modern controls in new CNC machines.

2. Replacement of CNC controls in used numerical machine tools.

3. Production of computer controlled control cabinets.

4. Complex construction of control systems together with machine start-up and personnel training.

5. Modernization of CNC numerical machine tools controls.

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